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Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Is the ability to make money from home just a dream? Many people certainly feel it must be! Sadly enough, some even think that any opportunity to earn money online must be some sort of scam. Thankfully, that is not the case at all with affiliate marketing!

Even though the number of affiliate marketers around the world is steadily growing, many people are not even sure what this type of marketing consists of. Basically, there are many different companies that will allow you to sign up as their affiliate. It will be your job to promote their products and get sales. For every sale you refer, you will earn a commission.

These affiliate sales are tracked via what is called an affiliate link. The affiliate link is assigned to you, and only you, so you can be paid the commissions you earn. There are many different ways to promote your affiliate link to earn money. In most cases, you will have your own website, blog, or other method of putting your links up on the web.

Even after reading the facts, you might still feel a bit skeptical. It can definitely help to know that some of the largest companies in the world have steady and strong affiliate programs. Surely you’ve heard of Amazon, Overstock.com, and eBay? You can become an affiliate of each of them!

What’s in it for the company, you might ask? It is a great form of advertising for them. Companies spend millions of dollars per year promoting their products, whether that be in the form of TV commercials, Internet banner ads, the use of Google Adwords, and many other avenues. It makes good sense for them to have an army of affiliates out there promoting their links and content in exchange for a percentage of sales. In many cases, it is one of the most effective forms of advertising in the age of the Internet.

It truly is a win-win situation for everyone! The company gets a lot more sales, their online reach and brand is greatly expanded, and the affiliate gets to make some excellent income. It doesn’t matter whether you plan on becoming an affiliate marketer on the side or you want to do so full time, you can definitely make this work for you.

The most important thing is that you go about it in the right way. You can’t just put a link up on the web and expect to make a full-time income! It will take some work and dedication on your part. However, you should find that life is an affiliate marketer is pretty sweet. This is truly an instance where you can go to sleep and continue earning money without even touching your computer, as long as everything is set up the right way.

There are many different types of products you can become an affiliate for, so it’s important to read as much as you can before you get started so you can determine what affiliate business model will be right for you. Then, put the information into practice right away!

Learning About the Most Popular Affiliate Networks

Before you get started as an affiliate marketer, it can help to know what the most popular affiliate networks are so you can align yourself with the best. There is a reason that so many people have chosen to promote these networks throughout the years. These are some true powerhouses that can be sure bets as you start earning an income through affiliate marketing.

Some of these top affiliate networks are focused on physical products while others are focused on digital products (such as downloadable ebooks and software). You will have to take a slightly different approach in the way you promote the products you choose depending on the type of product it is. For now, it’s essential to read an overview of the most popular networks out there before getting started.

ClickBank — ClickBank is one of the most popular digital distributers online. The products sold here are all completely downloadable. You’ll find everything from products detailing how to cure acne, to how to win an ex-girlfriend back, to registry cleaner software downloads. The great thing for you as an affiliate is that commissions on ClickBank products tend to be high (generally over 50%), so you can earn quite a bit of money per sale. Entering into a niche based around a hot selling product can be a great way to get your start as an affiliate marketer.

PayDotCom — PayDotCom is not as popular as ClickBank since it is a newer network with a different set of products. Still, there are many advantages to going with this network. They have many high-quality products that you can promote for high commissions. You may want to choose a product to promote through PayDotCom if you can’t find something you’re interested in at ClickBank. It is always a good idea to test different products in the same niche (for example, you might try to promote one product geared toward helping people clear their acne and then choose another in the same niche to see what converts better). PayDotCom can help you do that, and to expand your marketing efforts

Ebay Partner Network — the Ebay Partner Network (EPN) is very popular with affiliates. That’s because eBay is such a well known and popular auction website! Their payment model for affiliates has changed recently, so you can get paid for each click you send to eBay through your EPN links. How much you are paid per click depends on the quality of your traffic (EPN does not fully disclose how this is calculated). Note that the individual payouts are not as high as what you’d get with a digital network (like ClickBank), but you can usually make up for the smaller commissions in volume. Many people make a lot of money with eBay!

Amazon Associates — the chances are very good that you have purchased something through Amazon before. That’s because they carry nearly everything you can think of and they generally have the lowest prices. As an affiliate, you can promote anything they sell on their website (even things that are sold through a third-party) for a commission. The commission starts out fairly low at around 4% and can rise to over 8%, depending on the volume of products you sell. Earning a full-time income with Amazon Associates is definitely possible once you start getting a lot of traffic to the site!

Commission Junction — Commission Junction (CJ) is a very flexible affiliate network. This is not just one store, rather it’s a conglomeration of a variety of online stores. You’ll find many well known brands and products you can promote through Commission Junction. In general, you can easily sign up for the stores you are interested in promoting through this network. Some stores will allow automatically approve you, while others will manually approve you based on your track record of sales and the type of website you own.

There you have it — these are some of the most popular affiliate networks around for a reason! Think about what you want your business model to be — whether it be promoting digital products such as those found on ClickBank or PayDotCom, or physical products from well-known names like eBay and Amazon. Every affiliate has their preference and you’re sure to develop yours. All you need to keep in mind for now is that it is possible to start earning some life changing income with any of these affiliate networks.

CPA: Taking Your Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level

In addition to the commission per sale models that were discussed in previous lessons, you’ll also find cost per action models as an affiliate marketer. Cost per action (CPA) is when you earn money after someone takes a desired action through your link.

For example, there are certain CPA offers that are set up as lead generation campaigns for the company you’re affiliating with through your CPA network. So, if someone clicks your link and enters their name and e-mail address you can earn a set amount of money. Sometimes all a person has to do is enter their zip code and you can get paid!

In other cases, the person who clicks through your link will have to go a little bit further in order for you to get paid. It might be that they need to sign up for an offer, make a purchase, or take some other desired action. Before you promote any CPA offer, you should examine what the requirements are for you to get paid. What you choose to promote will often be dependent on the niche you are in (the topic your website is about) and what type of conversion rate you expect to get.

Note that the more steps the person who clicks through your link has to go through in order for it to “count,” the more you will tend to get paid. CPA IntroductionZip code submit offers tend to be fairly low-paying, while those where a physical address has to be entered will be higher paying. The highest paid of all are generally those that are set up as free trial offers or purchases.

You’ll find that most companies run their CPA offers through a CPA network. These networks are set up similarly to Commission Junction in that they house offers for many different companies. These companies have an agreement with the CPA network to allow affiliates to get links to promote their offers. You can usually sort through the available offers within your CPA network by searching for certain niches, certain types of offers, etc.

Unfortunately, it is usually more difficult to get accepted into a CPA network than it is to get accepted into a standard affiliate network. Don’t despair! You just need to get a good feel for what cost per action is all about and show the networks that you know how to promote the offers to make money (this will make their clients happy!).

There are many different CPA networks out there. Some of the most popular include Azoogle, ClickBooth, and Never Blue. This is definitely not an exhaustive list! You can use the site OfferVault.com to see what kinds of offers are available throughout the different CPA networks to determine which ones might be right for you to apply to.

As a side note — if you decide to apply for CPA network as a “newbie,” expect to get rejected at first. All you’ll usually need to do is give the CPA network call and explain how you plan on running their offers and driving traffic. This will show them that you are very serious about your marketing and you will generally be approved for the network right away.

Tools You Will Need to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Your head is probably swimming with ideas by now! There are many steps that go into being an affiliate marketer — that is why it is so important to break everything down so you can go through the steps one by one! It is important to understand what tools you wTools You Needill need to acquire as an affiliate marketer. Don’t worry — as far as setting up a business goes, it is relatively inexpensive!

First of all, you will need web hosting. Your web host is what will be the “house” for your website. This is also called a web server. Your host will contain all the files so that people can see your site when they visit. The back end of this site is where you will maintain these files and basically set everything up. In general, the back end of your web host will be called your cPanel.

You’ll also need a domain name, which is the address of your website (think of the host as the “house” and the domain name as the “address”). You will need to attach this domain name to your web host by pointing what is called the DNS setting to show it where the web host is. This might sound complicated, but after you’ve done it once it becomes incredibly simple!

In addition to needing a web host and domain name, you need a way to get your website up. If you’ve heard of HTML, many people design standard HTML websites with their content, graphics, and affiliate links on it. A very popular option these days is using WordPress. WordPress is blogging software that you can easily make it look like a regular HTML website or use as a niche blog (this option is highly recommended) — and it is very easy to maintain!

Choosing a web host, domain name, and way to build your website can seem like a daunting task. Don’t feel overwhelmed, because you can always get help with these things if you need it. As with anything, there is a learning curve, but it becomes like second nature soon enough.

It is also a good idea to get an autoresponder account. You’ve probably heard of e-mail marketing, and you likely belong to many different e-mail lists yourself. For example, if you’ve made a purchase online you might have been asked to join the company’s newsletter. This newsletter is sent out through an autoresponder. You can do the same thing! Except in your case you are going to get people to sign up through what is called an opt in box so you can keep in contact with them.

It’s easy to sign up with an autoresponder service such as aWeber or GetResponse. Once you do, you can enter in all of the information about your e-mail list. You will then get some code to put your opt in box on your website (this is where people will enter their name and address to be put on your e-mail list). Then, you can broadcast messages out to them. In some cases, these messages will contain strictly helpful content and in other cases the messages will be promotional in nature. List marketing is a great way to make money as an affiliate!

This is just an overview of the tools you’ll need. As you dive deeper into the world of affiliate marketing, you will find what you need to do to achieve a lot of success as an affiliate marketer.

How to Write Your Follow-up Sequence for Max Click-Throughs

One of the best things about having an autoresponder list is that it can be relatively hands-off way to market for you. Of course, that means that you need to have a follow-up sequence ready to go and loaded into your autoresponder. It’s important to carefully structure these autoresponder messages so that you maximize your click through rate.

The way you do this will depend on your plans for your autoresponder. If you’re using the method where you have one content-based e-mail, one slightly promotional e-mail, then one fully promotional e-mail, the way you write each e-mail will differ.

In the first type of e-mail you may not put any links at all. With the second type, you’ll likely have a lot of content with a brief mention of a product that can help towards the end. That doesn’t mean that you won’t expect to get any sales from this type of e-mail!

You still need to pay attention to how you insert the link and what you say to get people to click through. It can really help you structure the e-mail in a way that captures their attention, stirs up some emotion, and leaves them to realize that you have found a solution to their problem. Then, you can insert the link where they can find out more information. Have a strong call to action to get a very higFollow Up Marketingh click-through rate. When you structure your e-mail in this way, it is very natural for people to click to see what else you have to offer.

If you have a strongly promotional e-mail, things will be set up slightly differently. You still want to stir up that emotion and guide them to the fact that you have a solution. The hope is that you have warmed them up by this point with your other content from the previous parts of the autoresponder. You might want to insert your link more than one time if it makes sense to do so in the copy. As further enticement, you may want to specify that you have given a full review or special bonus following the link you want them to click.

No matter what you do, it’s key to capture people’s attention. As was mentioned in another lesson, you need to examine what other marketers do successfully and model your techniques after them. Everything from the subject line of your e-mail to the closing sentence needs to be carefully prepared to maximize click through rates. Remember — if people don’t open your e-mail in the first place, the rest of what you write doesn’t matter.

The great thing is that after you’ve written your follow up sequence and start to get more and more people on your list, the sales will start to come in in a hands-off way for you!

How to Make Money As an Affiliate Through Your Autoresponder

Making money with your autoresponder is one of the best ways to achieve success as an affiliate marketer. That’s because you will not be reliant on your website ranking in the search engines or having to pay to get people to visit your website. You will already have a highly targeted list that has given you permission to e-mail them with content and special offers. This is a beautiful thing!

It is important to understand how the autoresponder method works. Basically, you will need a way to entice people to join your list. No, people are not just going to enter thAutoresponder Moneyeir name and e-mail address for the fun of it. This is especially true these days since so many people are tired of getting scammed or constantly contacted by companies and people they do not want to associate with. That’s why you want to make a compelling offer that stands out.

One of the best ways to do this is to set up what is called a “squeeze page” on your website. This squeeze page has one purpose and only one purpose — to gather those e-mail leads! You might have seen one of these before as you’ve explored the world of marketing. The squeeze page generally consists of a headline and some short bullet points that are very enticing. In addition to the minimal wording on the page, you will see an opt in box. It is set up this way because it is the least distracting method and it can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Now, what you should write as copy on your squeeze page is very dependent on the niche you are in. No matter what niche you’re in, you need something that will entice your reader to go ahead and sign up. That is why giving away a free report is such a great idea!

That may not make much sense to you right now, but take this example. Imagine you are in a niche that teaches people how to clear acne. You might have a headline on your squeeze page that says something like “Top 10 Acne Cures THEY Don’t Want You to Know About.” Under that, you will make it briefly clear that the acne industry in general does not want these secrets to get out. Then, you can offer a free report that contains these secrets. All they need to do is opt in to the box on the page, and they will receive this free report.

The free report is what entices people! The headline, bullet points, and short copy grabs their attention and shows off the benefits, but the free report makes signing up to your list a no-brainer. You have to give something before you take something. You should also have a series of autoresponder messages set up ahead of time. Your first autoresponder message can deliver the free report, while the rest of the series of e-mails contains a mixture of helpful content and promotional offers that are highly targeted to this group of people.

This works so well because the squeeze page has very few distractions, it is directly targeted to your audience, and people love getting things for free! It is relatively hands-off for you because you have an autoresponder running and doing all the work for you. As an affiliate marketer, building your list in this way is a great thing to do. Imagine how much money you can make if you have several of these autoresponders running for you on autopilot all around the web!

Killer Niche Research to Ensure You Get Sales

As an affiliate marketer, you will want to spend as much time as possible on niche research. Of course, when you hear the word “research” you probably think of all those days you spent in school with dread. In this case, niche research can actually be exciting because you can make a lot of money with it as an affiliate marketer!

A niche is basically a topic you want to focus on. It is a group of people that are interested in a certain thing. Perhaps it is people who want to improveNiche Researchtheir golf swing, people who want to learn how to raise beta fish, people who want to fall in love, or something else altogether.

Think of your friends and family members. What problems are they experiencing in their lives? What hobbies and passions do they have? You can even examine your own life and think about the things you are most interested in and what problems you have.

It can help to make a list of these things so you get a feel for what is out there. However, it is absolutely important to understand that not every niche is a good one to go with. That’s because not every niche contains buyers!

For example, some people might think that it’s a good idea to create a website full of recipes for people who are interested in cooking. You might think you can just throw up affiliate links for cookbooks and make a lot of money. Unfortunately, it is often the case that those who are searching for recipes online need something quickly. They are more likely to use the free recipes they find rather than purchasing a cookbook and waiting for it to ship.

However, when you’re focusing on someone who has lost their love, they are absolutely desperate to win that person back. If you present to them an e-book that is directly targeted and promises (and delivers) a way to win back their love quickly with an easily downloadable book, they are probably very likely to buy right then and there!

That’s not to say that only digital products are the way to go. You can definitely make a great income with physical products as well. For example, if you did want to target a niche of people who want to improve their golf swing, all you would need to do is create a website around a particular product related to doing so. When people are about to make a purchase, they tend to get very specific with their searches. The chances of you making a sale are greatly improved if you can get your website ranking high in Google for specific products or types of products.

There are many different ways to go about this niche research. You may want to start out fairly broad and work your way up. Going back to the golfing example, you can visit golfing forums to determine what products they are buying or problems they need solved.

Or, if you are sure you want to promote a digital product, you can head over to ClickBank and see how well those golf related products are selling. Then, you could base your site or your promotion around that product or sub-niche. If you want to promote physical products, you can look at the bestsellers over at Amazon or eBay to get a feel for what you want to promote.

In general, the more specific and targeted you are the better. Many newbies make the mistake of being way too general and find it difficult to make sales. So, know that being specific is best and that making sure you are targeting a niche that is actually spending money is crucial.

Niche Research and Keyword Tools You Need to Know About

Hopefully, you now understand the importance of doing niche research before jumping into affiliate marketing. There are a variety of tools that can help make this easier for you. Some of these are free and others are paid. There is nothing wrong with choosing free tools to begin with, but as your affiliate efforts start to grow you will want to move into the paid tools because they can make your job faster and easier!

The first thing you need to do is generate ideas. You can do this using the Google Product search at http://www.google.com/products and see what pops up. You can also examine the list of “Movers and Shakers” at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/movers-and-shakers/, as well as the bestsellers http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/, etc. Another thing you can do is head on over to eBay Pulse to see what the top items are http://pulse.ebay.com.

You can also go to ClickBank and see what products are selling well in their marketplace. A great choice for research ClickBank is CBengine.com, because everything is nicely organized and you can easily see what products or type of products will be a good bet.

Remember — as a new affiliate marketer you will want to target sub-niches. So, instead of promoting products on how to lose weight in general, you can narrow it down to how to lose weight for moms. Along with niche research comes keyword research. This will help you drill down and find those hot niches so you can earn more money.

A great paid tool for finding niches and keyword research is Micro Niche Finder. This tool will drill into the information for you to determine how easy it will be for you to enter into the market. It will give you a green light, yellow light, or red light for each keyword associated with a niche — green means go for it!

Market Samurai is also an excellent tool for niche and keyword research. After you have a general idea of what niche you want to go with, you can enter in your main keyword and find a wide variety of others. You can also examine the market and competition, find products to promote, and even find ways to promote your content within Market Samurai. Keyword ResearchThis is definitely the favorite tool of many affiliate marketers out there.

If you’re interested in using a free keyword tool, you’ll be pleased to know that the Google Keyword Tool is one of the most helpful aroundhttps://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal. You will need a Google account to use this — which is free. Then you can enter your information and see what the advertiser competition looks like. You can even generate ideas for sub niches and keywords.

Whether you choose to use free or paid tools, you need to examine a few different things as your criteria for choosing the niche.

1. There are many people searching for the niche, sub-niche, or main keyword you are targeting

2. There are people spending money in the niche you are selecting

3. There are viable products you can promote as an affiliate

It’s important to note that if there is money to be made in a niche, the chances are good that there are competitors in the niche. You need to find a unique angle and try to achieve good rankings in the search engines, or pay for your traffic through pay per click, in order to ensure that you earn money. No matter how good your keyword and niche research is, it means nothing if you don’t get the traffic.

How Using Niche Blogs Can Skyrocket Your Commissions

If you’re not sure of what type of website to build as an affiliate, you are strongly urged to consider building a niche blog! These are amazingly effective for affiliate marketers. For one thing, the most popular blogging platform is WordPress, which is easy to set up and very enticing to visitors and the search engines.

Another reason why niche blogs are often the way to go is because people will want to come back to them. People are in theNiche Blogs habit of bookmarking their favorite blogs and visiting them regularly. You really can become an authority in your niche with a highly targeted blog.

Of course, it’s not about just installing the blogging software and putting up a few articles. You will want to dedicate yourself to consistently writing articles to keep people coming back. The great thing is that you can intersperse affiliate links, recommend and review different products they will be interested in, and have advertisements in various locations on your blog.

When done the right way, blogs can help you earn some great commissions. They are set up with an RSS feed which can help to syndicate your content around the web. There are various ways of promoting your blog that will help you get a steady stream of traffic.

Another reasons why blogs rock is because they can be very interactive for your visitors. People love interactivity! They can leave comments, subscribe to your feed, etc. You can respond and interact with them too! Instead of having just a static website, people will feel like they are talking to a real person, which can really help sales.

It doesn’t have to be said, but a lot of people are very wary of clicking links and buying things online. When they know that there is a real person behind the niche blog and the products recommended on it, your commissions can really increase.

Of course, you have to set up your blog in the right way. Be sure to do what you can to search engine optimize it — add relevant content that is likely to be enticing to the search engines and to your visitors (in other words, focus on keywords but also make the content readable and interesting — never force your content just to stuff another keyword in).

Some people like to focus on having just one or two niche blogs, while other people have an incredibly large network of blogs. No matter what you decide on, know that having a blog can be one of the smartest decisions you make as an affiliate marketer since it opens up so many possibilities and takes away a lot of the guesswork.

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